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It was a beautiful day for me here in New York, and sitting on the bench at the park while reminiscing about my past. Well, all of us has bad and good history, and sometimes those experiences in life will mold us to become a fantastic person. Looking back on my past, and thinking how hard it makes me realized that everything is worth it when you finally overcome those situations in life.


I did not expect that I will have this kind of life in me, and it was not easy because I have to work hard to achieve my goals in life. Yes, some possibilities can make a person go beyond even his beginnings were terrible. Negativity ruined success, and we have to control ourselves on feeling that way. Many times we feel unwanted by the world, but we have to keep strong and remind ourselves that it is going to be okay. Everyone has the chance to make their life worth it. You have to become positive at all times and work as you can. Well, there may times that life challenges us, but we don’t need to worry about it, remember that nothing is constant in this world. We have to be strong enough to fight all the challenges that come our way. We don’t need to be carried away on those problems. Remember the sayings about there is always a rainbow comes after the rain. We need to work hard to have a good life, just sitting there and have nothing to do like thinking about your messy life won’t move your life. Many people went through a lot to make their life successful, but some keep complaining and comparing their experiences. Instead of making their life worth to live, they never make ways to change it. Some people are contented with what they were when they knew that they can still make something out of it. They are always tomorrow to try and succeed. You don’t need to worry about what life could be but always be positive that everything will work and worth it as long as you are determined to your aims in life.


Just like me, I grow up in a low-income family, but it doesn’t mean that I will be forever impoverished. I want to change our lives even it is impossible to dream that way. Yes,  I experienced struggles and sacrifices a lot to reach where I am now. Many people discourage because it is impossible for me to dream such big. For me, to imagine is free and making it is a challenge. No matter how many people drag me down, I won’t allow them to do it so. I have not affected everytime people talk behind me, or make some stories about our family. The better they continue it because it made me strong and it becomes my motivation in life. I have promised myself that no matter how hard my life, I will always be positive and follow my dreams.


One place I want to go to Essex. When I was a kid, Essex is my dream place. I tell myself that one day I will buy a property there and build a house. My family and I will start a new life. I study hard, I became a scholar and worked too to help to pay the school fees. It was a tough journey for me, together with school and work is hard. But every time I think of my family and dreams in life; I become inspired again.


Finally, my hard work paid off, I finish my college and start to work. My co-worker told me about Essex where he has his vacation. He said to me that Essex is a city with beautiful blond girls. Right after so many years of working, I decided to move to Essex and build a house. And my friend is right; I found many beautiful blond girls in Essex. I book an Essex escorts, and met Lizzy and Jessica, both of them are gorgeous and blond. I was such amazed ladies in Essex Escorts because they are perfect for me.